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What is The Anticareerist, and Who’s Behind It?
A Brief History of The Anticareerist

Anticareerists unite!

Anti-careerists expose the lies of job culture, challenge dominant narratives of colonial capitalism, unlearn productivist habits, affirm the value of “doing nothing,” and otherwise contribute to building a world beyond “earning a living.”

The Anticareerist continues in the field of inquiry where its predecessor projects, Rethinking the Job Culture and Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery, left off.

What readers say

“Her personal and committed writing is like the bottom up creation of a new set of values. There are many, like me, who take a more policy, analytic, political point of view and don't bring out the emotive part. The Anticareerist does.”

— Bernard Marszalek, editor of The Right To Be Lazy

“It has been my pleasure to support the work of "professional anticareerist" D. JoAnne Swanson…I am honored also to have been the inspiration behind the new name of her project previously known as Rethinking the Job Culture: The Anticareerist. […] Swanson and I are currently contemplating avenues for collaboration.”

— Kate McFarland, basic income writer and author of The Useless Life


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